Tips When Getting A Tactical Backpack

tactical backpak

Every little kid must have imagined himself to be a great survivalist, but no survivalist can make it out there without a great tactical backpack. After all, climbing up the highest mountains or taking down the enemy in the field cannot be done without reliable gear.

Even though most of us didn’t know much about tactical missions as a child, we did had an idea about how important a tactical backpack may be for the survival. We didn’t quite had to face a life and death situation (or at least, most of us didn’t), but we did see the tactical backpack as an essential gear when out in the field.

Why get a tactical backpack?

Whether you’re on a tactical mission or climbing up a mounting, a tactical backpack may be essential for your success. We’re not going over the top when saying that a tactical backpack may in fact be the most important item of your gear that you should get, especially if spending the night in the outdoors.

There are many shapes and sizes for the tactical backpacks so knowing your needs is important. The longer your mission is going to be, the bigger or more performant your tactical backpack has to be as well.

Going on a mission for a couple of days is a challenging job so your tactical backpack should match your needs. Whereas, on a light day time hike, on some local trail, a smaller and different type of backpack is going to be the best choice for you.

Just to help you make a general idea, a backpack for a multi day mission is going to come with many pockets for all your gear and tools. You do want the pockets to better organize your items and to offer you fast and easy access to everything you may need within seconds.

The needs are various out there and getting just one tactical backpack may not be enough. There’s no point in going on a light hiking with a rugged, heavy-duty backpack that you took on your 2 week mission last month.

Therefore, we think everyone could use a tip or two when getting a tactical backpack. Knowing the features that it can have or the things you need to double check when buying is going to give you an advantage when shopping.

Types and size of compartments

compartments of tactical backpackWhen going camping or out in the field for a mission, it’s essential that you know exactly what gear you’re going to need. Having a backpack with several storage compartments of different sizes is important as it also organizes better your items.

You want your tactical backpack to come with side pockets that are easy to access, but also larger pockets on the back. You may use the pockets on the back for the items that you don’t need to access instantly, but you’d like to get to them without completely empty your backpack.

Keep in mind that you may also find tactical backpacks that come with hydration pockets and even laptop cables-in case you’re interested.


Storage capacity is also essential when searching high and low for a tactical backpack. If you’re planning to spend the capacity of backpacknight in the outdoors, a 30L capacity for your backpack is a good start. If you want to play it even safer or you’re hiking during winter, you may also look for 40 or 50L capacity backpacks.

Mainly, you do want your tactical backpack to be big enough to fit all your gear for the trip, but you don’t want it to be too big that you can barely move it. Your physical condition does have a say on the capacity of your backpack so it’s better to know your strengths as well.


Most of the tactical backpacks out there are made with long lasting nylon, but you may also find some made from polyester.

You want your backpack to take the use for a good amount of time and to handle all the weight of your load as well.

If you want to play it safe, you should look for the water, stain and dust proof materials for your backpack that are going to make it able to take the more challenging conditions.

The build of your backpack is also essentials so you should look for reinforcements in the stress points and stitches that leave a durability feel. The better your backpack is made, the higher the chances for it to take the heavy duty use.


Even though you may be backpacking for three days, this doesn’t mean you should do it in an unpleasant way. A good tactical backpack doesn’t just give you the space to fit all your gear, but it does it in a comfortable way too.

A good tactical backpack features the right amount of padding in all the right places. From the padded shoulder straps, the removable and adjustable chest and waist strap, when it comes to comfort there are many features that a tactical backpack should have.

Please note that you also want the backpack to present efficient breathability as this has a lot to do with your comfort too. Padding adds thickness to your backpack so you want your backpack to have good ventilation as well.

In conclusion

A tactical backpack may be your best friend when out on a mission or it may ruin an entire experience if it’s not the right type.

Therefore, it’s important that you know why you need your backpack, in the first place. Look for the gear loops if you want to hang more gear and get a rain cover for your backpack when there are chances for the rain.

Molle packs are an amazing choice as you may add more items to them, whereas a backpack with hydration pack is always a strong option for the several day trips.

Obviously, the more features you want on your backpack, the more you have to be willing to pay. But paying the extra buck is a small price when out there and depending on everything, including your tactical backpack.